Visual Parts Reference

I took pictures of all the parts I reference in my instructions for making a cannon. This is to give you an idea of what the parts are supposed to look like when you go the store. My names may not be the same as you'll find on the shelf, so this will ease confusion.

4x3 and 3x2 adapter  4"X3"(left) and 3"X2"(right) Adapter
2" endcap  2" End Cap
4" and 3" end plug  4"(left) and 3"(right) End Plug
3" and 4" female adapter  3"(left) and 4"(right) Female Adapter
2" and 4" female cleanout adapter  2"(left) and 4"(right) Female Cleanout Adapter
4x2 flush adapter  4"X2" Flush Adapter
2" male adapter  2" Male Adapter
4x4x2 Y adapter  4"X4"X2" 45° Y-Adapter
4x4x2 t adapter  4"X4"X2" T-Adapter
gas grill ignitor  Gas Grill Ignitor
PVC cement  PVC Cement
purple primer  Purple Primer