Potato Cannon - V1

This cannon is very simple to build and is cost effective for the beginning hobbyist.

cannon sketch
cannon diagram

It is very easy to build and costs about $20 Here is a materials list:

Part Qty
1-1/2" PVC Pipe
3" PVC Pipe
1-1/2" - 3" PVC Adapter
3" Female PVC Adapter
3" End Cap
Grill Ignitor
PVC Cement
PVC Primer
Hot glue
A few sticks

Once you get all the parts all you need to do is take the 1-1/2" pipe and cement one end to the adapter and the 3" pipe to that. Then cement the female adapter to the end of the 3" pipe. The only part left is the ignitor. You will have to drill a hole in the end cap about the size of the ignitor. Then all you have to do is hot glue it into place, this will provide an adequate seal(A picture of this is in the works). Let everything set for a while before using.


When using hairspray as propelent you should avoid spraying it on the threads of the screws. The hairspray may cause the end cap to stick and will be difficult to remove. If it does get stuck you can use channel-locks to remove it. When you are done using your cannon you should wash it out so gunk doesn't build up.